In line with the MOHCC National Health Strategy and the Hospital strategy, we summarize 3 main Key results areas of intervention:

1. Health Services delivery,
2. Infrastructure/Working environment
3. Community development/Environment, which include specific priority activities/programmes whose outcomes aim to improve: a) Quality of services, Health outcomes, Expanded access to Health; b) Community development, wellbeing of populations and prevention of diseases.

Future considerations for 2023

The year has been characterized by several positive activities and successes, despite the increased challenges represented by the shortage of staff, the global economic crisis which has affected economic stability of an already unstable environment and the increased poverty of the rural communities accessing the hospital services which has impacted in their seeking for services and general access to health. The hospital, within the Quality improvement & Quality management and Control framework of the Ministry of Health and Child Care, has attempted to put in place measures to mitigate challenges, strengthen positive areas and improve weaknesses.

In line with the Hospital strategy, aim of the next 2 years will be to strengthen institutional management and leadership to uphold partnerships for developmental projects and compliance to highest standards of projects management. In this view, activities and projects which the hospital would like to particularly work on for the years 2023-2024 are represented by:

1. Developmental projects towards energy independence, reduced impact on the environment and energy cost saving (to mobilize more resources for health service delivery).
2. Obstetrics programme (mentorship and exchange programmes for midwives and doctors) to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes
3. Community programmes in Oral and Eye health to expand preventive and curative programmes within the primary health care framework of the Ministry of Health and Child Care
4. Surgical programmes for improved access to health to surgical services
We confirm our willingness to collaborate with different partners interested in the development of projects and programmes aimed to tackle the above-mentioned areas of intervention and to improve community wellness through promotion of a holistic approach to Public Health, being prevention of diseases through community programmes including advocacy for community development programmes, further development of health services and of health education.

The reportage

Here you can read the full reportage.