During the 2020, the numbers of attendances at the outpatient departments overall decreased by 25% compared to the trends of the past 2 years and the first months of 2020, with special regards to the months of April – October. In fact, secondary to the COVID19 global pandemic, the country went into a lockdown by end of March and started progressive reopening of travels and activities in September and October. To sustain delivering of essential services and supporting
chronic patients, the hospital promoted resupply of essential chronic medications (for non-communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes type II) to vulnerable groups through the assistance of Village Health Workers, volunteers who are crucial in the implementation of preventive and community health programmes, to reduce unnecessary movements and exposure of patients at higher risk to develop severe forms of COVID19. Five cardiac patients, who could not travel and who are on monthly follow-up under the cardiologic programme (“Operation Heart”) were assisted through direct home visits done monthly by a mobile hospital team and if needed more often (covering distances as far as 80 Km within the rural areas).

The reportage

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