In line with the MOHCC National Health Strategy and the Hospital strategy, we summarize 3 main Key results areas of intervention (1. Health Services delivery/Education, 2. Infrastructure/Working environment, 3. Community development/Environment)which include specific priority activities/programmes whose outcomes aim to improve: a) Quality of services, Health outcomes, Expanded access to Health; b) Community development, wellbeing of populations and prevention of diseases.

Priority areas of activity/programmes

Priority areas of activity/programmes can be summarized as follows:
1. RMNCH (Reproductive Maternal Neonatal & Child health) – KRA1
2. Clinical Management &Critical Care– KRA1
3. Surgical services – KRA1
4. Infection Prevention and Control – KRA1
5. O.I./EMTCT – TB services – KRA1
7. Pharmaceuticals – KRA1
8. Laboratory Services – KRA1
9. Training/Continuous education – KRA1
10. Procurement/Store management/Logistics – KRA1
11. Maintenance/Water supply/Structural development – KRA2
12. Working Environment (Inc. Implementation of Leadership & Management development
plan/Monitoring & Evaluation data collection towards Total quality management) – KRA2
13. Waste Management/Environment – KRA3
14. Community Programmes/Community development – KRA3

To promote quality improvement and an approach towards Total Quality Management, in line with the MOHCC quality improvement framework, the hospital has set a Quality Improvement Committee with the aim to coordinate quality improvement and quality control and has established Working Improvement Teams for each of the above Priority areas of intervention, of which a most of them have been activated at the end of July 2022. Activities have since been promoted through the QIC to assist and motivate WITs.

The reportage

Here you can read the full reportage.